Limestone Products

Quality Limestone

Elite Limestone only use the highest quality limestones. All the materials used in our work are quality assured and tested by the respective companies.

The majority of our stone comes from BGC and they are regarded as one of the best brick & stone companies in Australia.

There are 3 types of stone generally used.

Reconstituted Limestone

Reconstituted limestone blocks are a cement based product , mixed with natural limestone. They have excellent adhesive qualities and are heavier and denser compared to natural limestone. They are the superior choice of stone when mass retaining. They do keep to the original colour for longer compared to natural limestone even if not sealed.

Natural Limestone

Natural Limestone is the lighter block of all the different types of stone. It is not as dense as reconstituted limestone but still work very effectively. When built correctly according to structural engineer specifications, Natural Limestone does exactly the same job as reconstituted although tends to go dark and mouldy in wet/shade areas if not properly sealed.

Natural Earth

Manufactured the same way as reconstituted limestone and natural materials sourced from the Perth Hills, this choice of stone is the heaviest of the 3 different types of stone. The natural earth colour blends into the natural tones and textures of our Australian landscape, and offers an ideal alternative to the more traditional limestone look.